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FAQ - frequently asked questions


What is Uniform Information Gateway?
Uniform Information Gateway (UIG) provides a uniform and easy-to-use access to information of diverse resources, such as library catalogues, article, bibliographic and full-text databases etc. with the option of parallel searching of selected resources.
UIG comprises of two ExLibris products: MetaLib and SFX. MetaLib enables searching through diverse information resources and SFX link server added functions.

In UIG you can find resources freely accessible via internet and licensed databases available only for authorized users. Overview of resources in UIG.


Why is it not possible to use all resources I found in UIG?

Most of resources in UIG are freely accessible (library catalogues, Czech article databases and some foreign databases). A part of UIG resources are licensed databases available only for authorized users. The availability of paid resources always depends on IP address of the computer you work with. If you log in from a UIG project registered library you will have access to freely available resources and to licensed databases which the library has right to use. If you log in from other workstation than a UIG registered library computer, you will only have access to freely available resources. In case your library uses e.g. proxy server you can work with the licensed resources via this server at home (at work) as well.

Licensed databases you are not currently authorized to use are in MetaLib marked with Licencovaný zdroj symbol (displayed to Guests) or Licencovaný zdroj (displayed to registered users).


Is it necessary to be registered user to work with UIG?
Registered user and Guest can both use same resources. The availability of paid resources always depends on IP address of the computer you work with. If you want to work with UIG regurarly it will be more convenient for you to make the registration in UIG than to use the gateway every time like a Guest.

UIG similarly to other web services provides to registered users more comfort and possibilities during working with the gateway. A part of services and tools are centred in My Space which is available only for registered users. They have the advantages of saving selected records for further use (e-Shelf), creating their own sets of resources (My Databases), saving e-journals (My e-journals), saving the history and creating Alerts (History).



What is the difference between resources searchable within UIG and resources linked to their native interface from UIG?

Some resources you can straight search in UIG. These resources are marked with Prohledat zdroj icon in Find Database, in MetaSearch with Vybrat zdroj - Profi hledání for selection of resources. Resources linked to their native interface it is not possible to search within UIG. However after clicking on the database name you will be transfered to the original interface of the resource where you can enter the query.  

Is it possible to get information on resources available in UIG?

You can obtain more detailed information on resources available in UIG by clicking on Íčko icon which is in MetaLib situated next to each resource. The overview of all resources (to search and for SFX) is available on Info portal UIG - Resources and libraries in For users (available only in Czech).

The difference between QuickSearch x MetaSearch

In QuickSearch you do not have to choose particular resources. We have prepared a few QuickSets of resources which you can use to search Czech and also foreign books and articles, the search is proceeded in all resources from chosen QuickSet. On the contrary in MetaSearch you always have to select at least one of databases before you begin searching. There is several options to select the resources in MetaSearch.

There is also the difference between QuickSearch and Metasearch in the way of displaying retrieved results. In MetaSearch you may look through merged results or results from particular resouces. In QuickSearch there are always displayed the records from the whole selected QuickSet. The disadvantage of QuickSearch is also an offer of less possibilities for searching than in MetaSearch, however, you can always use the link to MetaSearch.



The difference between Simple and Advanced Search

In Simple search you can enter the query just to one search field, UIG searches in all defined fields and results can be very inaccurate. For more specific search (e.g. author, title, subject) use Advanced search.


Do you want to find out whether the required book was published in CR?

Choose the category Czech books in MetaSearch. This category contains different kinds of databases involving records on books published in CR approximately till 1900. Detailed information on individual databases in this category and tips for searching are situated under Íčko icon.


Do you want to find out whether the required article was published in CR?

In the Czech Republic there is available a large number of databases containing information on articles published in Czech newspapers and journals (so-called bibliographies), a part of them accessible online as well. Some of these databases follow articles published in the whole CR or a particular region aside from their subjects. Next to these general article databases there are also databases specialized in a concrete field (e.g. agriculture, art, literature). Within UIG we have tried to gather these databases in the category Czech articles. The part of databases are searchable within UIG, the other one are only resources with link to their native interface. Detailed information on individual databases in this category and tips for searching are situated under Íčko icon.



Do you want to choose one particular resource for your search?

For searching in one resource you can use Find Database or MetaSearch. In Find Database it is possible to search according to the resource name or words from the resource name (bookmark Title), according to words from the resource description (bookmark Locate) or in categories (bookmark Category). Resources marked with Prohledat zdroj icon are searchable within UIG. Resources without this option are possible to search in their native interface by clicking on the database name.

MetaSearch again provides more options to find a resource (QuickSets, Categories, Locate or My Databases for registered users).



How shall I choose more resources for search?

Guests are able to search simultaneously more resources in MetaSearch only if resources are situated in one category. Searching in more resources from different categories it is possible only for registered users. They can select these resources through Přidat zdroj icon and save them to so-called basket. This basket is placed in My Databases. In My Space >> My Databases they can create their own sets of resources which they can use for searching in QuickSearch and MetaSearch. 


How shall I create my own set of databases?

Only registered users can create their own sets of resources which they can find through Find Database or MetaSearch. For selection of the resources use Přidat zdroj icon. These resources are placed in so-called basket in My Space >> My databases. Here in the right column there is available current content of basket, in the left column a content of particular sets of resources. By clicking on Hromadně uložit you will create a new set from all resources in basket, through Popis it is possible to add a comment or note. You can make a new empty set by clicking on Vytvořit where you copy selected resources from basket by Kopírování zdrojů icon. You can always change the content of sets or basket, in the drop-down menu you choose the set and add new resources through Kopírování zdrojů or remove them from set with Smazat. You can delete the whole set with Hromadné vymazání.   



How can I use Alerts?
Only registered users can use Alerts. Alerts can proceed the searches which run automatically and regularly in predefined time periods and resources. Alerts can be created from saved searches through Vytvoření avíza in My Space >> History. Alert results are sent to user´s e-mail address.

How shall I save or e-mail my retrieved records?
In full view you can save selected records through Uložit záznam or e-mail them Poslat záznam. If you want to save or e-mail more records, save them at first through Přidat zdroj icon to e-Shelf. To create a citation in formats CBA, APA, MLE or Chicago please use SFX added functions velké tlačítko přidaných služeb SFX, there is available the link Reference at SFX Citation Capture in More options of SFX menu.  

Time-span for the publication year

In UIG it is possible to search for more publication years using OR operator (e.g. 1996 or 1997 or 1999) or using wildcard character (e.g. 199? - retrieved documents will be published from 1990 till 1999). Please always check the tips for searching under Íčko if this kind of search is in the chosen resources supported.

Wildcard character 

As a wildcard character in UIG use ?. 


What does it mean "The database is currently not available. Try again later or ask a librarian for assistance"?
Selected recource is currently out of order or the connection failed.


Why is not there always full text link in SFX menu?
There can be several reasons:

- there is no full text available for the chosen article

- full text to selected article exists but you are not authorized user (you work with computer with unauthorized IP address)

- SFX was not able to forward all required information, try to refine data through the link Reference at SFX CitationLinker in More options of SFX menu

If you did not succeed in finding electronic full text you could check the availability of the periodical where the article was published in CR (links in "Availability in Czech Republic).

Why is the SFX menu different at every record?

After clicking on malé tlačítko přidaných služeb SFX or velké tlačítko přidaných služeb SFX buttons SFX menu is always created for selected document like "made-to-measure".  Especially for articles where SFX always verify if there is full text available in databases and if the user is authorized to use it.



Why does not the link to holdings in the National Library appear ?

The link appears only in case when SFX verified through ISBN or ISSN the availability of document in electronic catalogue of the National Library of CR (base NKC) in at least one exemplar.

If the document does not have ISBN or ISSN you can use the service "Holdings - vyhledat v NK, MZK a krajských knihovnách" which begin searching for document in the catalogue of NL CR according to the author or title.

I did not find what I needed in SFX menu - what shall I do?

Choose the service "Ask UIG support" and write us what you are looking for.


Why does the SFX menu have the english interface at first? Would it not be possible to open Czech version?
Unfortunately at this moment it is not possible. We are looking for possibilities how to find out. However with every other start of SFX the menu will be displayed in the language version you have used last time. Information on your preferred version is saved in cookie.

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