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Welcome to Uniform Information Gateway (UIG)

Brief information on UIG

The Uniform Information Gateway (UIG) provides simultaneous searching in different Czech and foreign resources (library catalogues, union catalogues, full text databases etc.) through one user interface.  Resources available in UIG are free accessible or licensed (the access is possible only from defined IP addresses).

The list of resources in UIG

Everybody without exceptions can use free accessible resources in UIG. Licensed resources are available only for users registered in the library which accesses/owns these resources and at once the users have to work on computers with admissible IP addresses.

Registered users of the National library of the CR may use all licensed / free resources and services available at UIG portal via the remote access - All personal settings in My Space (in upper part of the search screen) remain to users even through this access, in addition users have a possibility to work with licensed resources of the NL CR, integrated in the UIG, anywhere and any time.

Some resources and services can be used without registration (as Guest) but all settings will be automatically deleted after the exit from UIG. All users can create "their space" in UIG. You get "My Space" – or user account - with registration (the registration is free of charge). In My Space you can choose and save your own list of resources (with the possibility of combination of Czech and also foreign resources) and define services of the portal (e.g. automatic sending records from selected resources on email).

In addition to resource searching UIG also offers so-called added functions which enable users to get more information, optionally the full text of the concrete document (to get holding information in the libraries, availability in Czech Republic, to order the electronic document delivery, to get more information on author etc.). The service is activated through malé tlačítko přidaných služeb SFX or velké tlačítko přidaných služeb SFX  icon.  

The list of resources in SFX

For easier orientation and using UIG you can also look at helps, guides (manuals) and other documents. They are available on this Info portal in the part For Users.
In case you need our help or you would like to tell us your opinion, please contact us.

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